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Thursday, October 27, 2016
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Provider Name Phone No. Organisation
Tiffany 858-278-0911 Hana Spa- Closed! :(
Cookie 760-743-1421 Escondido Health Spa
Sha-Sha 858-565-6085 Shangri-La Acupressure
Nina 818-882-8827 Chen Clinic Therapy
Nina 562-865-9000 S.N. Thai
Cici 714-288-9798 Orange Day Spa
Eva 626-307-7345 Dream Massage
Angela 714-226-0398 Healing Relax Spa
Linda 818-222-1388 Island Foot Spa
Ada 760-698-8749 La Quinta Massge
Annie 805-852-1780 5 Star Body& Foot Massage
Sonny 909-824-5330 Acupressure Clinic
CiCi 760-761-0445 Sakata Thai Massage
Lizbeth 619-851-0911 Lizbeth Body rubs
Mary 626-376-4952 Healthy Body & Foot Spa
Minnie 347-339-6061 Fantasia NYC
Jasmine 818-210-9087 Independent
Wendy 805-583-2188 W&H Health Center
MilaLay 949-555-1212 HX
Sala 331-422-9166 Marigold Therapy
I Don't Remember 562-444-5098 QC wellness
Kiolee/Ms. K 310-555-1212 Independent
Judy 714-200-5311 Chinese Backpages Joint
Sophia 267-838-6058 Fun City
Stacy 632-842-9000 R1 Reflexology Massage
Yejun 559-230-0168 Cathy Spa
Darla 559-538-9063 Indy/Backpage
Yuyu 805-520-3388 Pacific Health Center
Geraldine 714-736-9833 Bodycentre Day Spa
Sunny 951-295-2162 Sun #1 Massage
Amy 714-508-6888 Lonteng Oriental Massage
May 714-838-7575 Pacific Total Health
Jessica 323-931-1166 Lions Health
Lisa 773-799-8418 Qing Massage
Notsure 818-919-1269 Muscle Therapy
Angela 805-577-8212 VIP Masasage
Nicole 909-982-8689 River Massage
Anna 760-781-1046 King Massage
Yolanda 909-591-8307 Massage Essentials Spa
Wendy 949-768-6848 L J Body Care
Shirley 951-301-9955 Cindy Bo Massage
Ninna 714-994-6666 Alta Natural Healing
CiCi 831-655-3132 Comfort Spa
Vicky 773-847-1129 Ruby Spa
Judy 951-658-7888 VIP Day Massage
Jenny 714-256-1868 XT Massage Spa
Emily 323-737-8787 Paradise Spa
Suzi 760-743-1421 Escondido Health Spa
Lilly 626-257-8992 Swan Spa
Lisa 847-338-6069 Asian Wellness Massage
DOLLY 310-328-8303 Eco Health Center
Eva 626-310-2576 Lala
Laura 619-268-1169 Independent BP
Maggie 847-791-6347 Tatiana's
Coco 626-962-7999 Healing Accutherapy
Angie 760-233-7877 Oriental Therapy
Older Lady 818-386-6588 Dragon Lei
Erica 714-612-0757 Massage Spa
Mira 213-379-0444 Agency
Jucy 213-364-6005 Agency
Mitchell 626-334-5890 Heavenly Day Spa
Sexy Dee 213-761-7555 Independent
Sophia 562-865-5805 Top Dragon
Jenny 818-923-5597 Lidu Massage
Helen 626-369-3999 Hacienda Total Health
Hanna 714-640-9616 Petite spa
Myrna? 702-873-1700 Angel Blessing
Cece 951-893-1890 New Moon Spa
Luna 714-892-5511 Lotus Spa
Joyce 949-380-9688 Asian Beauty Care
Sara 424-200-1798 Healing Therapy
Uni 661-733-6813 Sand Canyon Massage
Cindy 626-699-1067 Relax Massage
Yollie 626-216-3047 Red Rose Spa - Closed
Cindy 619-913-6752 Independent
Lilly 626-288-7898 Big Apple Massage
Penny 619-563-7949 Green Spa
Emma 323-944-0419 Chandra
Amy 773-865-2826 Zenobia's Spa
Lisa 815-725-2990 I Spa
Cathy 760-368-7730 Independent
Meko/Mica 773-799-8733 Broadway Massage
June 949-472-4029 Star Accupressure
Ivy 610-260-9897 Ridge Spa
Angela 323-666-1599 Day Day Spa
Kim 714-558-8881 Sweet Massage
Page 714-331-0225 Independent
Brianna 626-337-7950 Chinese Massage
Nicole 805-496-5559 Bamboo Heath Spa
Sophia 818-821-8796 Bliss Massage
Linda 909-247-5505 Brookside Acu
Lucy 818-888-6298 CW Health Spa
Krista 760-390-1545 Independent
Jessica 714-591-5994 Violet Spa
Naya 416-630-4409 Flirt
Heidi 773-847-9808 Archer Spa
Cici 714-545-3014 Rose Spa
Boody 626-288-8588 Happy Feet Round
Vi 714-591-5994 Violet Spa
Tanya 702-917-6344 Emporer's Foot Spa

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