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Saturday, August 23, 2014
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Provider Name Phone No. Organisation
Maggie 858-571-9999 Convoy Massage
Angel 714-258-6813 Massage Enjoy
Crystal 702-641-8889 Natural Foot Spa
Amanda 858-458-1188 East Holistic Acupunture massage
Mimi 567-288-8370 No Name
Joanna 714-234-7542 Independent
Helen 949-222-1022 Butterfly Spa
YuYu 480-897-0108 Asian Spa
Kim 619-337-2491 Maple Spa
Ellen 702-331-3839 Lavender Foot Spa
Lilly 702-643-4325 Healing Lifestyles
Jae 818-886-1113 Lime Therapy
Angela 626-502-1440 A+ Health Care
Michelle 858-668-3066 Accupressure Massage
Anna 323-650-3089 King Health Center
Anna 703-920-1521 Arlington Physical Center
BeBe 310-967-0137 Rendevous Spa
Yura 213-382-2124 Body Centre Spa
Tracy 909-389-0184 Diamond Spa
Lisa 310-398-0998 Venice Health Center
Alice 714-555-1212 Asian Club
Linda 312-799-1845 Canal Foot Massage
Sheri 310-478-7879 Lucky Feet Foot Spa
Vivacious Vanessa-Bad Business 202-460-4427 Independent Backpage
Sunny 310-534-1600 PCH Health Center
Eileen 626-448-1807 Royal Massage
Leeya 310-779-4892 Independent
Tina 310-982-5915 Relax Massage Therapy
Kelli 818-602-5648 Lavender Aromatherapy
Tori 310-745-6054 HealthyProstate4u
June 909-433-0762 Healing Center
Stacy 818-785-0420 Independent-BP
Jessica 312-404-5700 Asian Massage
Lena 214-518-1972 independent
Jezzebel 619-408-0759 Independent
Lilly 323-512-3888 WH Therapy
MJ 630-697-3731 Independent
Yung 708-445-4355 United Salon
Lea 916-678-2668 Asian-Incall
Nana 626-688-2526 Pan\'s Spa & Medical
Linda 626-279-1679 Lovely Hands Massage
Bebe 626-964-0400 Asian Massage
Amy 714-994-6666 Alta Natural Healing
Mary 818-246-1887 Ocean Spa
Donna 847-981-7780 Yun Spa
Marie 626-330-5380 Monarchs
My 858-513-0034 Lux Massage
Lola 480-967-3770 Oriental massage
Suzu 310-539-1177 Lomita Spa
Vanessa 949-646-1788 Holiday Spa
Yoyo 847-338-6069 Golden Tree
Linda 909-357-4414 Tai Pai
Laura 949-855-9646 Golden Spa
Amy 714-209-2114 Bebe Spa
Chapnam 714-833-3119 Golden Touch - Closed!
Julie 714-893-7100 Edan Day Spa
May 773-235-2588 East Rhythm Massage
Lena 714-555-1212 Crystal Orange HX
Amanda 619-251-2933 St. George Club
Michelle 909-591-3588 PS Beauty Spa
Nancy 626-334-5890 Heavenly Day Spa
Mona 310-474-8886 Kiku Therapy
Ada 903-215-0154 Asian Massage
Lily 626-594-0132 Acupuncture & Massage
Annie 714-836-1199 Massage Sprite
Hannah 310-833-2009 KW Acupuncture Sports Massage
Jasmine 760-233-7877 Oriental Therapy
Coco 626-626-0497 Golden Spa
Laura 312-291-9727 Enliven Massage Works
Yenia 626-316-3376 La Verne Massage
CICI 760-740-5991 Beauty Spa
Tammy 714-226-0492 Trinity Spa
Cici 626-292-6999 The Real Massage
Alice 818-783-8313 Lanna Massage
Lilly 626-331-3188 CHI massage
Angela 858-277-6666 Mesa Spa
Wendy 310-557-9968 EverHealth Spa - Closed!
Mimi 760-949-8880 Phoenix Massage Spa
Reina 909-937-6188 Crystal Spa
Shi Shi 714-893-6778 Health Massasge
Coco 619-463-1000 June Spa
Kathy 909-390-3000 Acupressure
Camila81 323-302-2512 HX
Susy 702-712-7633 Independent
Mimi 714-522-4214 Golden Spa Salon
Sophia 626-666-4188 Fairyland
Linda 714-771-1078 Rainbow Chiropractic Arts
Anna 818-342-8880 Shiny foot Massage
Vivian 714-360-8002 Fantasy Spa
Amy 310-216-1188 Ananya Thai Massage
May 626-292-6999 The Real Massage
Maite 909-437-0343 Healthy Environments
Jenny 714-252-3672 Sakura Spa
Karen 773-555-1212 Independent- BP
Anaya 678-224-1227 Independent
Trinh 949-910-7959 Independent HX
Kim 714-836-1199 Massage Sprite
Tina 310-409-3233 Robust or Exotic Asian
Fiona 858-279-1988 Massage Oasis
Tina 909-590-7969 Bella spa

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