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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Provider Name Phone No. Organisation
Cici 805-583-2188 W&H Health Center
Lily 714-897-7779 Angel Spa
Trisha 760-295-0251 Independent
Bebe 760-952-3963 H&L Health Care
Laura 321-307-0543 Independent
Lily 909-466-2966 Ok Spa Massage
Ada 626-310-2576 Lala
Sissy 714-487-3454 Bolsa Skin & Body Care
Irene 818-783-8313 Lanna Massage
Amy 310-832-5021 JJ Acupuncture
Ku Ku 626-716-7613 Independent
Judy 626-369-3999 Hacienda Total Health
Lisa 714-890-7070 Cloud 9 Reflexology
Anna 818-763-8803 Pretty Body Work
Maya 323-309-4501 Independent
Yoyo 626-888-0373 Natural Body
Sandee 818-363-9580 Silver Sand
Cici 626-732-5888 Arrow Massage
Jessica 310-618-1937 Healing Center
Jenny 310-392-2534 Phoenix Massage
Mary 714-775-5618 SH Health Center
Tammy 626-689-1807 Royal Massage
Jessica 858-277-1798 Unique Massage
Sasa 773-292-6099 Healing Hands
Mary 626-369-3999 Hacienda Total Health
Eva 562-867-6177 Massage
Maria 949-424-3987 Independent
Daisey 602-403-3406 Independent
Lulu 760-512-0454 Desert Massage
Mimi 714-614-5257 Sweet Day Massage
Lucy 562-865-8288 Amazing Foot Spa
Coco 858-505-8117 Lazy Day Spa
Candy 626-488-0674 Independent
Lucy 714-890-7070 Cloud 9 Reflexology
Lisa 630-608-9959 M spa
Alice 949-369-9714 Thai Body Works
Sue? 702-876-2395 Dream Spa Massage
Yuyu 714-418-0873 5 Star Body
Amy 909-545-1962 Ocean air
Lilly (Liliana 664-354-1956 Independent
Peggy 858-226-2346 Anjou Spa
Sophia 760-343-0588 Desert Springs Spa
Joyce 714-850-1868 Charming spa
Bunny 808-386-0185 Plus Spa
Alicia 951-225-5060 Lotus Massage
Sunny 714-545-3014 Rose Spa
Wendy 626-335-7780 Rose Spa Massge
Mindy 714-577-0557 Pacific Spa
Yumi 310-508-8345 Sakura Relaxation
Kiki 909-860-7017 Sino American Clinic
Antonia 664-685-3580 Bar la Valentina
Lucy 626-348-3898 Water Flower Massage
Maite 909-437-0343 Healthy Environments
Mimi 949-855-9646 Golden Spa
Flora 714-546-6669 Honey Spa
Nina 619-583-5722 Sunny's Spa
Jenny 714-898-8484 Health and wellness
Ella(aya) 323-733-7889 Lotus Massage
Nasa 714-868-9696 Touch of Grace
Terri 951-808-8338 Beatiful Massage
Yoyo 630-303-7466 Massage World
Azul 664-685-3911 Chicago Bar
June 847-490-4399 Healing Power
Cathy 702-686-0670 Independent
Ula 760-325-0328 Oriental Acupuncture Therapy
Jenny 702-889-6868 Spa Tropical
Yo Yo 626-335-8080 King House Massage
Anna 312-842-4855 Macau Spa
Cindy 626-337-3774 Shiatsu Spa
Anna 773-847-5098 Mercy Acupuncture
Lola 714-229-5828 Sassy Spa
Mona 949-443-9997 Thai Body Works
Mary 909-466-0077 Zue Zhou Spa
Chanel 626-322-6624 Central Massage Spa
Bebe 626-888-0373 Natural Body
Jenny 626-962-7999 Healing Accutherapy
Dawn 815-547-5557 Executive Relaxation
Monica 949-916-6814 Ultimate Day Spa
Jojo 619-977-9271 Asian Massage
Hebe 626-282-2899 Shangri La
Ivy 949-380-8038 Serenity Spa
\"Katia\" 347-822-2672 Independent
Cindy 714-725-9979 An Spa
Solina 949-770-7991 Lakeshore Chiro
Ma-ma Son Time 714-839-8880 5 Star Body & Foot
Lily 858-259-5953 Positive Energy Massage
Amy 310-392-1999 Oceanside Health Center
Tina 949-837-9900 Lake Forest Day Spa
Hiroko 714-555-1212 Health Club -humaniplex
Wan 714-758-2840 Araya Thai Massage
Lola 630-965-7922 Asian Massage Spa
Mita 818-222-1388 Island Foot Spa
Kathy 858-571-9999 Convoy Massage
Michelle 714-487-3454 Bolsa Skin & Body Care
Wendy 760-952-3963 H&L Health Care
Tiffany 949-515-2858 Spring Spa
Celina 877-497-8747 Hong Kong Gentlemen\'s club
Ana 805-496-0515 Ocean Body & Foot Massage
Jessica 562-461-8888 Ruby Massage
Tina 714-552-9454 unknown

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